Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Back from the Beach

We're back from our vacation/pilgrimmage to the beach. While it signals the end of another summer; it's still the the event the girls look forward to from one summer to the next. Now, more than ever, the girls are relishing in their (our) time together with my sister's family -- including her 3 daughters. It's amazing to have me and the Bean and the Bug with my sister, the 3 nieces and my mom there. Yes, my Brother in Law was there, but not every day. And when he was, my girls were just as thrilled as ever! They do think he's pretty great!

Lucky me...to have such a wonderful network of female family members to serve as a network for me and the girls. When we need them, there they are...to teach us to surf, to share their wonderful beach house, to love us, to listen and to like us just the way we are.

There are no words to thank everyone for their hospitality and generosity. I hope to put more photos up when I get them from Mom or Sis.

In stark contrast: I'm off to the reality of school registration and shopping for supplies as we prepare for Monday's beginning of the school year. I wonder what next summer will bring; but I'm sure (if the girls have anything to say about it) it will include our crossed fingers, hoping to be invited back to the beach with the people we love the most!