Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thrilling Thursday...

...loving reading all the blogs I can fit into the day!

I was just on the Kangaroodle website, after reading about the contest offered on another website (does that make sense?). Kangaroodle is full of SO many cute items; I just had to browse and linger. You can access the site here:. I got so caught up in my "window shopping" that it was time to deal with dinner before the Bean and the Bug went crazy! So, now I'm catching up and letting everyone know what cute stuff I saw.

Now my baby days are over; but my sister has smaller ones (all girls, too!), and there are always gifts to buy. I think some of the sweetest things are here:< href="">,also: Can you just imagine/remember those little tushies in the monogrammed diaper covers? Too cute!

I got to the Kangaroodles site through An Island Life: ...which has given me lots of good escape moments, and lots of good daydreams of a place I might like to be!

Thanks to these wonderful Mommies who have such wonderful blogs.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Clean Sheets, the Smell of Bleach...and Other Things That Turn Me On!

...a.k.a. "you know you are a domestic goddess when...", the weather is stinky, the road of life is currently bumpy, and I can't remember the last time I did something "just for me"...but today is a GREAT Day! Why? I'll tell you. Every once and a while, we have the pleasure of having our wonderful friend, Maria, come to clean!! I can not tell you how wonderful the day seems when you come home from running errands and picking up kids and grocery shopping...and as you come into the house you smell...BLEACH! (or Lemony freshness, or Pine Cleaner or whatever fragrance you like. My friend loves Purple Fabuloso!) Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Better than a favorite meal, I love the thought of the crisp clean sheets that feel better when they're put on the bed by someone else. I love a well-made bed and make mine every day, but there's something better about the days when Maria is here. Everyone's beds and bathrooms are clean AT THE SAME TIME! Could that be it? I didn't grow up with someone (other than Mom and my sisters and me) cleaning our house; and perhaps that's why this seems so decadent to me? But I do admit that the Bean and the Bug like it too. I thought it was just me!

Anyone else feel this way? Better than a night out, could be a night "in", with a clean house and that wonderful smell (of bleach!) LOL.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

HOT-Lanta, GA

looking for a "Rainy Night in Georgia".... but not until the A/C guy finishes!

Blogging today from the front steps of the house, keeping an eye on the air conditioning man's tools as he ran to Home Depot for a part! As I sit here, I'm amazed at the irony that seems to surround me: it's been about a zillion years since we've had rain. We're in a serious drought situation. My A/C went out Wednesday. The service guy got here today at 11am. It's now 6:40pm and the electrician (because the problem wasn't A/C -- but was wiring! OY -- of course!) has left to run to Home Depot for a box to convert the fuses to breakers, etc. More importantly; the sky is dark and cloudy and ominous looking. I am on guard; to make sure no one steals Mr. Electrician's DeWalt Drill/Combo set (which must weigh about a zillion pounds!), but am actually using the power of my mind to hold off the rain until this job is done.

I am watching the leaves of the hosta in front of me quiver with a small breeze that hasn't reached my sweaty body yet. By now, it's as cool out here as inside the I had to turn off the power so the rewiring could happen. Luckily, the guy is unbelievably nice and patient and polite; but that's not going to help me when it gets dark!

I am convinced I am losing it! LOL. I just heard the ice cream truck go buy and thought he should carry MARGARITAS!! Frozen concoctions he can sell to the parents of the little friends who purchase those overpriced confections! I mean...I suppose one COULD pour something "exciting" into one of those frozen, gumball cone thingies, right? The Bean and the Bug aren't "home" tonight, so no worries about Bad-Mommy moments. I'd rather have their company than the A/C, but will make due.

I hear that ice-cream man again....I wonder if I have any tequila???!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tween Central Calling!

...Kids and cellphones; cellphones and kids... What's up with this stuff?

Okay, so the Bean is now 11 and a middle schooler. She wants, more than anything, to have a cell phone of her own. We do have an "extra" phone, which offers Push-To-Talk, so I can get in touch with her and her with me. But, meanwhile, I don't want her to be on the phone--with friends, etc. with the same ease. Is that wrong? I mean, I realize she doesn't have a job and the phone requires payment, etc., but my question has more to do with the timing and allowance of this technology. Are tweens really in NEED of more means of communication? With anyone other than us, their parents?

I'm a sucker, since I love when she has to go with her Dad (a new reality for our family), and she and the Bug can text me with little messages! I love when she messages me or "buzzes" just to say I love you! So maybe these cellphones aren't so bad after all?

...remind me of that, now that the Bug wants a phone, too! And she's only 8! OY!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sometimes the Days are Long....

Words of Wisdom...from a stranger at the mall?

Today, I was feeling winsome and reflective. The girls and I stayed home, exhausted from last night's swim meet and rain storm, catching up with each other and enjoying the freedom of being together. It was then that I realized that just moments ago (it seems), there was a day when I was basically fleeing the mall with Bean who was having a crying jag. On my way to the Mom-mobile, an "older" lady stopped at the curb and paused. I looked over and smiled, perhaps beseechingly (help me?!), and she smiled back. After a moment she said, "Dear, I know sometimes the days are long...but the years pass by too quickly!" I nodded and crossed the parking lot.

Fast forward 10 years and here I am, waiting for the Bean and the Bug to come home. I can't wait to hear what they have to share with me; to hear their individual takes on things. They are growing up so fast. I am grateful for the freedom of summer, even if it only permits us a little more breathing room in the schedule. Moreover, I am gratefully realizing that as much as I love these two, I am proud to say that I like them as well. For every day that that's the case...I am truly blessed.

Has anyone else shared this epiphany? I'd love to run into that sweet woman from the mall parking lot once again, for another gem of MommySwami wisdom...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Why Blog?

...otherwise known as, "what do you mean I can't do it all by myself?"

Now that I've been at this Mom-thing for more than a decade, I realize how much I rely on my friends, family and neighbors to guide and advise. I admire so many and count on even more of them when I just can't manage or don't know where to turn. Best of all; they're suitably proud of me when I CAN do it, even when they've told me what to do!! From all over the world, and with different generational perspectives, we're all Mommy-Swami's; equipped with knowledge that's bound to help someone else, too!