Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Celebrating Independence

Celebrating the Red, White and Blue!!

Happy July 4th! We are enjoying a sunny day and the chance to be together...and to be free. We are free to chose among all the wonderful opportunities available to celebrate our country, our little town, and especially our wonderful neighborhood full of friends.

This morning, just at the Peachtree Road Race was wrapping up downtown; things were getting started up here in downtown Dunwoody. The A's stopped by in the big Suburban, and we piled into it with chairs, the stocked cooler, some towels, sunscreen, etc. We laughed the whole way there (all 1.5 miles) and parked and "staked our claim" to a nice shady spot on the route. I also took the opportunity to tatoo the girls -- with rhinestone tatoos!! TA has a photo somewhere on her camera of V's adorable cheeks; each decorated with it's own USA. Big S sported one as well...and I had the ankle model. That's is for us; the best WalMart had to offer! LOL.

We're off to the next event. Just home to re-apply the sunscreen and to use the bathroom! Nice breezes, a hotdog, and maybe a cold beverage...what a country!!!

Ironically: with the drought we're suffering this summer...there are no real plans for fireworks. Too easy to set the dry grasses ablaze. No one wants to make the news for burning down the neighborhood! We'll try to watch some on TV, patriotically supporting our beloved USA from the comfort of the big bed, after a relaxing soak!

Have a wonderful day!

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