Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thrilling Thursday...

...loving reading all the blogs I can fit into the day!

I was just on the Kangaroodle website, after reading about the contest offered on another website (does that make sense?). Kangaroodle is full of SO many cute items; I just had to browse and linger. You can access the site here:. I got so caught up in my "window shopping" that it was time to deal with dinner before the Bean and the Bug went crazy! So, now I'm catching up and letting everyone know what cute stuff I saw.

Now my baby days are over; but my sister has smaller ones (all girls, too!), and there are always gifts to buy. I think some of the sweetest things are here:< href="">,also: Can you just imagine/remember those little tushies in the monogrammed diaper covers? Too cute!

I got to the Kangaroodles site through An Island Life: ...which has given me lots of good escape moments, and lots of good daydreams of a place I might like to be!

Thanks to these wonderful Mommies who have such wonderful blogs.

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