Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Clean Sheets, the Smell of Bleach...and Other Things That Turn Me On!

...a.k.a. "you know you are a domestic goddess when..."

Okay...so, the weather is stinky, the road of life is currently bumpy, and I can't remember the last time I did something "just for me"...but today is a GREAT Day! Why? I'll tell you. Every once and a while, we have the pleasure of having our wonderful friend, Maria, come to clean!! I can not tell you how wonderful the day seems when you come home from running errands and picking up kids and grocery shopping...and as you come into the house you smell...BLEACH! (or Lemony freshness, or Pine Cleaner or whatever fragrance you like. My friend loves Purple Fabuloso!) Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Better than a favorite meal, I love the thought of the crisp clean sheets that feel better when they're put on the bed by someone else. I love a well-made bed and make mine every day, but there's something better about the days when Maria is here. Everyone's beds and bathrooms are clean AT THE SAME TIME! Could that be it? I didn't grow up with someone (other than Mom and my sisters and me) cleaning our house; and perhaps that's why this seems so decadent to me? But I do admit that the Bean and the Bug like it too. I thought it was just me!

Anyone else feel this way? Better than a night out, could be a night "in", with a clean house and that wonderful smell (of bleach!) LOL.

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Sheena said...

The smell of freshness is always uplifting. I especially can't get enough on the new blue pine-sol.

Well, just checking in to see if you wrote about the Kangaroodle contest. Don't forget! http://sophistishe.org/kangaroodle-contest/