Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tween Central Calling!

...Kids and cellphones; cellphones and kids... What's up with this stuff?

Okay, so the Bean is now 11 and a middle schooler. She wants, more than anything, to have a cell phone of her own. We do have an "extra" phone, which offers Push-To-Talk, so I can get in touch with her and her with me. But, meanwhile, I don't want her to be on the phone--with friends, etc. with the same ease. Is that wrong? I mean, I realize she doesn't have a job and the phone requires payment, etc., but my question has more to do with the timing and allowance of this technology. Are tweens really in NEED of more means of communication? With anyone other than us, their parents?

I'm a sucker, since I love when she has to go with her Dad (a new reality for our family), and she and the Bug can text me with little messages! I love when she messages me or "buzzes" just to say I love you! So maybe these cellphones aren't so bad after all?

...remind me of that, now that the Bug wants a phone, too! And she's only 8! OY!

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