Saturday, June 16, 2007

HOT-Lanta, GA

looking for a "Rainy Night in Georgia".... but not until the A/C guy finishes!

Blogging today from the front steps of the house, keeping an eye on the air conditioning man's tools as he ran to Home Depot for a part! As I sit here, I'm amazed at the irony that seems to surround me: it's been about a zillion years since we've had rain. We're in a serious drought situation. My A/C went out Wednesday. The service guy got here today at 11am. It's now 6:40pm and the electrician (because the problem wasn't A/C -- but was wiring! OY -- of course!) has left to run to Home Depot for a box to convert the fuses to breakers, etc. More importantly; the sky is dark and cloudy and ominous looking. I am on guard; to make sure no one steals Mr. Electrician's DeWalt Drill/Combo set (which must weigh about a zillion pounds!), but am actually using the power of my mind to hold off the rain until this job is done.

I am watching the leaves of the hosta in front of me quiver with a small breeze that hasn't reached my sweaty body yet. By now, it's as cool out here as inside the I had to turn off the power so the rewiring could happen. Luckily, the guy is unbelievably nice and patient and polite; but that's not going to help me when it gets dark!

I am convinced I am losing it! LOL. I just heard the ice cream truck go buy and thought he should carry MARGARITAS!! Frozen concoctions he can sell to the parents of the little friends who purchase those overpriced confections! I mean...I suppose one COULD pour something "exciting" into one of those frozen, gumball cone thingies, right? The Bean and the Bug aren't "home" tonight, so no worries about Bad-Mommy moments. I'd rather have their company than the A/C, but will make due.

I hear that ice-cream man again....I wonder if I have any tequila???!!!

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