Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sometimes the Days are Long....

Words of Wisdom...from a stranger at the mall?

Today, I was feeling winsome and reflective. The girls and I stayed home, exhausted from last night's swim meet and rain storm, catching up with each other and enjoying the freedom of being together. It was then that I realized that just moments ago (it seems), there was a day when I was basically fleeing the mall with Bean who was having a crying jag. On my way to the Mom-mobile, an "older" lady stopped at the curb and paused. I looked over and smiled, perhaps beseechingly (help me?!), and she smiled back. After a moment she said, "Dear, I know sometimes the days are long...but the years pass by too quickly!" I nodded and crossed the parking lot.

Fast forward 10 years and here I am, waiting for the Bean and the Bug to come home. I can't wait to hear what they have to share with me; to hear their individual takes on things. They are growing up so fast. I am grateful for the freedom of summer, even if it only permits us a little more breathing room in the schedule. Moreover, I am gratefully realizing that as much as I love these two, I am proud to say that I like them as well. For every day that that's the case...I am truly blessed.

Has anyone else shared this epiphany? I'd love to run into that sweet woman from the mall parking lot once again, for another gem of MommySwami wisdom...

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Kailani said...

I want to remember my kids at this age forever. They'll be teenagers in a blink of an eye!

Thanks for stopping by.

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